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Mediation helps create win-win situations for all parties involved.

Mediation Philosophy

The Dallas Mediation Group knows that every negotiation is unique and that there are multiple ways to solve any problem.  Over the years we have brokered a wide variety of agreements, oftentimes in situations where the conventional wisdom was that agreement could not be reached.


Mediation Style

Dallas Mediation Group recognizes that an effective mediator must do more than simply carry offers back and forth between the parties if resolution is to occur.  Our wealth of experience coupled with our ability to establish rapport and to share lessons learned helps us bring the parties together and promote settlement.


The mediators at Dallas Mediation Group understand the value of using a diversity of approaches to dispute resolution.  Each case is different and each mediation is approached individually, because there is no "magic bullet" that works every time.  Flexibility and responsiveness are important components of our mediation practice.   While most mediations start with joint sessions followed by private caucus, we are proficient in the use of numerous settlement techniques and alternative formats.


Special Expertise 

We have special expertise in the following areas:

 suits for accountings; 

 suits involving business dissolutions and split ups;

 collections cases;

 construction defect cases;

 suits relating to failed transactions and lost profits;

 cases requiring cultural sensitivity;

 eminent domain cases;

 employment cases;

 cases alleging professional liability  (other than medical malpractice);

 ERISA and other employee benefit disputes;

 estate, probate and guardianship matters; 

 breach of fiduciary duty issues;

 insurance bad faith claims and coverage issues; 

 cases involving multiple parties; and

 cases with tax implications.

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